Wargasm MWV3Q1 500ml EXTRA BOTTLES

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Volume 3’s first quarterly membership release (Vol3Q1) is Wargasm. Wargasm is a black barleywine brewed in collaboration with Prolyfk Brewing from New Bern, North Carolina. When we first met Ben from Prolyfk and shared some bottles, we knew right away we wanted to brew together, and it would probably be a barleywine. A little later I received an email about some special barrels that would be available soon, and the more I read the more excited I got. These were Madeira (fortified Portuguese wine) barrels that had been used to finish a blend of Willett Family Estate high and low rye bourbon in a collaboration between Willett distillery and Blackened distillery. Blackened is Metallica’s distillery, and during the aging Metallica’s music was played to these barrels so the vibrations would assist in the aging of the whiskey. These casks fit New Groove like a glove!

Prolyfk came over in 2021, and we brewed up a big black barleywine mashing a couple times and boiling all day. This precious dark liquid was laid to rest in those large Blackened casks, and has been developing patiently until now. Aged 22 months, 13.55% abv, with blue metallic wax. Every member receives 2 bottles as part of your membership, and extras will be available to members only online.